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pairing20in20's Journal

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It all started with celeb20in20...

Welcome to pairing20in20, a new competition dedicated to making icons of your favorite pairings.

- You have 20 days to complete 20 icons of the pairing of your choice.
- Your pairing may come from any movie or television show.
- There will be 10 theme icons, 5 icons based on a category, and 5 artist's choice icons.
Themes - there will be ten themes, and the themes will be different for each round.
Category - each round will also feature a different category. The category could be black and white, quotes, favorite character, etc.
Artist's Choice - self-explanatory

***Theme icons can feature both members of your pairing, or they can just have one or the other. Both members of the pairing MUST be in all category and artist's choice icons.

-At the end of the 20-day round, voting will be posted. There will be a winner for each theme, as well as winners for both sets and individual icons for category and artist's choice icons. Placings will depend on how many people completed the round. Smaller rounds will have fewer placings; larger rounds will have more placings. All participants that complete the round may request a participation banner.

Your community moderator is: revivingophelia.


- You must be a member to participate. (I can't give you posting access otherwise.)
- Choose one pairing per round. Only pairings are allowed (meaning two people, not more than that.) Your pairing can be any combination of two television or movie characters. Canon or unconventional pairings, it doesn't matter. All television or movie characters are eligible to be part of a claim, even reality show or wrestling characters. Crossovers are allowed, but when claiming a crossover pairing, please remember that Category and AC icons require both people in the pairing.
- Only one person may claim each pairing. Claims are first come, first serve.
- You may not claim the same pairing two rounds in a row. You can have one of the same people in consecutive claims however. (ie: Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer in one round, Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis in the next.)
- You may only enter once per round.
- Please only sign up if you intend to complete the round.
- You may post your entries at your own journal, then post teasers and a link to your post here at the community, or you can post your entire set here. Post no more than three icons above the cut. You must have all 20 icons completed before you post here.
- When you complete your set, make sure you post them here. Posts are moderated, but I will approve them as quickly as possible.
- All icon posts MUST be public until the end of voting. If the journal you link to is friends-only/members-only, the icon post must still be public until voting is over.
- All icons must be your own work. This includes any manipulations made for the icons: they must be made by you.
- Please try to vote without bias. I know this can't be entirely enforced, but please vote for the best quality of icons, not just for your friends or because you like the pairing.
- All icons must conform to LJ standards - 100x100, .gif, .jpg, or .png, 40kb or smaller.
- No animation allowed.
- All teaser icons (icons above the cut) should be PG-rated. Please post warnings with your icons if any of your other icons contain any blood/gore, explicit language, or nudity.
- You may not, under any circumstances, vote for yourself. This will result in disqualification.

Voting will be posted in four different posts. (Two posts for themes, one category post, and one artist's choice post.)

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